Institution Affiliated to Bharathiar University

G.N.Mills Post, Coimbatore - 641029, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

  • Re-accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade 3.64 CGPA (3rd Cycle)
  • College of Excellence (UGC)
  • Co-Educational Institution Approved by UGC, New Delhi
  • NIRF Rank: 51 (All Over India)



The curriculum is designed to enable students to become informed citizens and active members of society.

  • We have designed our English major programs to convene the needs of English majors entering the 21st century.
  • We incorporate new technology at PG level like computer applications, web-based learning environment, Green Literature in our courses and encourage innovations in research program development.

Our unique degree and course provide students with high quality education that emphasizes the following:

  • A Firm Foundation in Literature: Our core English courses provide a solid background in literary traditions, history and research.
  • Multiculturalism: Our degree is specifically oriented to multicultural literature and diverse approaches to the study of literature. Course offerings, Faculty and Resources focus on bringing the world and its literature into the classroom.
  • In addition, our faculty is committed to an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge, evident in their involvement in programs such as Copy Writing, World Literature, Single Author Study and Environmental Studies. Our graduates are well prepared for professional and for lifelong learning. They pursue careers in education, research, business, law, government, and publishing. The Department's policies and its reading- and writing-intensive curriculum demonstrate our commitment to the liberal arts.


  • To provide appropriate pedagogies - including class size - and environments (classrooms, equipment, resources, and technology) that will lead student retention and success as well as an increase in the number of majors.
  • To help students see themselves as professionals, as part of a discipline with skills and abilities valuable in the business, teaching, publishing, or post-graduate work.
  • To give students a sense of themselves as citizens of a larger community by encouraging participation in service learning and in diverse and national course work and programming.
  • To balance the needs of general education - communication, diversity, global perspectives, interdisciplinary studies - with those of the major.


  • The Department of English (PG) was established in the year 2003.
  • The Department offers MA English at the PG level and BA English Literature and Part II English at the UG level.
  • It also offers 'Copy Writing' as a career-oriented course.
  • B.A English Literature was established in the year 2012.
  • By this UG course the Department offer Journalism and provide Internship program for the interested students.






BA English Literature

3 Years


MA English Literature

2 Years


     A Research Club called STARS (Singular Transformation After Research Studies) was inaugurated on 18.9.2007. Staff and students present Research papers between 4.15pm and 5.30 pm on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. The motto of the Club is "Think Twice".

In our department 10 staff members received guide ship from the University to guide M.Phil.

  • Dr.S.P.Sasi Rekha guiding one M.Phil full time scholar.
  • Dr.M.Priya guiding one M.Phil full time scholar.
  • Dr.M.K.Praseeda guiding 4 M.Phil part time scholars.
  • Each and every staff members guiding final year projects both UG and PG students.
  • Mr.Athisayaraj Jebakumar, Mr.S.Sakthivel, Mrs.Yoveniya, Mrs.V.Kavitha, Mrs.Christy pursuing Ph.D.


  • The Department achieved 100% Result at the PG level in the years (2011-12) & (2012-13).
  • Dr. Diwakar Thomas, Head, Associate Professor presented a paper in the International Seminar held on 12-07-2013 in Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai- 600059.
  • Ms. S.P. Sasi Rekha published her article in the International journal Contemporary Discourse, January issue 2014.
  • Professors, Dr. Diwakar Thomas, Ms. S.P. Sasi Rekha, Ms. M. Priya, Ms. S. Jeyalakshmi, Mr. S. Sakthivel, Mr. J. Athisayaraj Jebakumar, Ms. V. Meenambigai, Mr. C. Sakthivel, Mr. S. Vidyananth, Ms. Aswitha Mani and Ms. B. Sneha presented their papers in the One day State level UGC seminar held on 28-02-2014 in Saraswathi Narayanan College, Madurai - 625022.
  • The Department bagged the overall Championship Award in Sports for the year 2013-2014.
  • The Department organised A One day National Level Seminar on Children's Literature –A Plethora of Pleasure on 20.03.2014.
  • NAAC peer team visited the college 0n 31.7.14, 1.8.14 and 2.8.14. Dr.Diwakar Thomas gave a power point presentation to the NAAC peer team.
  • Ms.P.Chitra and Ms.S.Jeyalakshmi attended One Day International seminar in Bishop Appasamy College on 8.10.2014.
  • Dr,Diwakar Thomas, Ms.S.Jeyalakshmi, Mr.S.Sakthivel, Mr.C.Sakthivel, Ms.Meenambigai and Ms.Sneha accompanied UG students to an Orphanage on 25.1.15.
  • The Depatment organized a One Day State Level Workshop on Acquiring Proficiency in communication skills, Mr.Anjesh was the chief guest of the function on 18.2.15.
  • The One day National level Conference cum workshop on Shakespeare playa Revisited: New Bearings, New Interpretation, was held in college Auditorium on 19.3.15.
  • The Department organized One day workshop for career opportunities Mrs.Ambika Seetharaman, Ms.Geetha and Mr.Anand of Silver Tongue conducted the workshop on 31.8.15.
  • Ms.M.Priya acted as Chief Guest in the Valedictory function of English Department in R.V.Arts and Science College on 7.1.16.
  • The Special Guest Lecture by Dr.Sivaraman from Chennai on the topic Demystifying Deconstruction on 8.3.16.
  • The Department organized One Day International Conference on Dynamics of English and Human Excellence Dr.C.Muralidhara Kannan and Mrs.Sreedevi K.Menon delivered a lecture on 4.10.16.
  • Our Department have done the Renovation Work for Government School near Coonoor, Prof.Athisayaraj accompanied nearly 20 students. Collected 40000 rupees from our college Secretary madam and done this work on 15.10.16.
  • Organized a One Day National Level Workshop on Trends and Techniques in English Language Teaching, Dr.S.Venkateswaran former Director Regional Institute of English, Bengaluru conducted the function on 6.1.17.
  • Mr.S.Sakthivel acted as a Judge and gave a Guest lectureon the topic Everywhere English in Sasurie College of Engineering on 3.2.17.
  • Our Department received a Certificate of Appreciation for achieving 100 percent results (PG)in the academic year 2016 – 2017.
  • Department won Overall Staff Sports Trophy with Department of English Aided on Sports Day on 25.2.17.
  • Department Organized One day national level workshop on You Can Win: Robust Communicative skills and singular soft skills for a Winsome Personality, Dr.K.Rathnasabapathi Delivered the keynote address on 3.1.18.
  • Department visited Orphanage near Koundampalayam on 11.3.18.
  • A guest lecture on the topic How to become a Journalist as delievered by Ms.Abisha on 24.3.18
  • Prof Athisayaraj and Prof C.Sakthivel along with UG students stayed with Orphan with One Week and took class for two government school children from 10.6.18 to 16.6.18.
  • Department Organized Inauguration function Mrs.Mrinalini David addressed the function and the Department News Letter was released on 19.7.18
  • Dr.M.Priya published a book titled Kaalathuzhikal a book of poetry on 6.7.18.          


  • All the members of staff are attending and presenting papers in various National, State and International level Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.
  • The students of UG and PG classes along with the members of Staff visited three orphanages (Uthavum Karangal, Saranalaya and Bergedorfer) English Literary Club – ELYSIAN FIELDS was inaugurated on August 23, 2013 in the Conference Hall.
  • A Guest lecture on Feature Writing and Children's Literature was held on 26. 9.2013.
  • A National Level Workshop was conducted on 27.9.2013 bearing the title - BORN TO WIN: Enrich Your Personality through Excellent English.
  • The Business English Certificate (BEC) is an internationally recognized qualification offered by the Cambridge University, England, through the British Council, Chennai. Dr. Diwakar Thomas, Ms. S.P. Sasi Rekha, Ms. M Priya and Ms. S. Jeyalakshmi are BEC trainers.
  • At present, there are four teachers who have undergone the Teacher Support Programme of the Cambridge ESOL conducted by the British Council, Chennai.
  • Classes are conducted to prepare students for the BEC Preliminary, Vantage and Higher Examinations held in March and September every year.
  • The Department offers an Extra-Departmental Course in Reading and Writing Skills. The course is open to PG students of other departments in their third semester.

The teachers of the department are members of various Libraries and Associations such as:

  • English Language Teacher's Association of India.
  • British Council Library.
  • Indian Science Congress.
  • SCILET, Madurai.
  • Indo - American Centre for International Studies, Hyderabad.
  • Mrs.M.Priya received her Doctorate degree in 2015.
  • Mrs.S.Jeyalakhmi received her Doctorate degree in 2015.
  • Mrs.S.P.Sasi Rekha received her Doctorate degree in 2016.
  • Mrs.M.K.Praseeda received her Doctorate degree in 2016.
  • Dr.M.Priya received her Doctrate guide ship in 2017. 


  • Professional Writing: Journalism, resume production.
  • Technical Writing: Copy writing, translation services.
  • Literature and Culture: Poetry, drama, great authors, understanding cultural influences, critical thinking.
  • Research Methodology: Writing research papers following the correct methodology, presenting papers in Seminars and Conferences.

The MA Course opens up excellent job opportunities in a number of fields. Students who have completed the course can be employed as:

  • Teachers in schools and colleges
  • As E-content writers and web designers
  • Online tutors
  • Creative writers
  • Corporate trainers
  • Front office executives and HR executives
  • Copy Writers in advertisement agencies
  • Translators and interpreters
  • In various capacities in BPOs
  • As copy / technical editors in publishing houses


  • Spoken English classes for II UG classes.
  • A One day Literary Festival every year.
  • To introduce a Diploma course in Communicative English.
  • One day Inter-Collegiate Drama Festival every year.
  • PG Diploma course in Communicative English.
  • To make all teachers obtain their PhD Degree before the end of the year 2016.
  • Modifying and updating teaching methods in keeping with challenges and demands of the teaching of English as a second language especially to the learners of the disadvantaged sections.
  • Designing multimedia packages, web-based courses and materials for use in the Language Laboratory.
  • Several clubs were introduced


  • Mr. Solomon Paulraj is working as Assistant Professor in Karpagam University.
  • Mr. Gift Thompson is undergoing Divinity course in Chennai.
  • Mr. Pabin Dass working as Trainer in Maldives.
  • Mr. R. RajKumar is working as a Govt School teacher in Dharmapuri.
  • Mr. Kuriakose is undergoing Divinity course in Kerla.
  • Mr. S.Vidhyananth is working as Assistant Professir in Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College.
  • Mr. Udhaya Banu working as trainer in Maldives.
  • Dr. E.Kumar working as Head of the Department of English in PSG arts College in Salem.
  • Ms. Beaulah working as Assistant Professor in CIT Coimbatore.
  • Mr. S.M.Baggio working as Assistant Professor in Dr.SNS Rajalakshmi College Coimbatore.
  • Ms. Jaya Steffina working as Assistant Professor in Dr.SNS Rajalakshmi College Coimbatore.
  • Mr. S.Karthick working as Assistant Professor in Hindustan Arts College Coimbatore.
  • Ms. G.Vanitha working as Assistant Professor in Dr.SNS Rajalakshmi College Coimbatore.
  • Mr. A.Karthik working as Assistant Professor in Gobi Arts College Gobi.

Dr.Diwakar Thomas

M.A., M.Phil., M.A., M.Ed.,M.A.,Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Drama, Comparative Literature, Canadian Literature and Russian Literature



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Dr.S.P. Sasirekha


Associate Professor and Head

Indian Writing in English



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Assistant Professor

Translation, Drama, Linguistics



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Mr.J.Athisayaraj Jebakumar


Assistant Professor




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Mr.C. Sakthivel


Assistant Professor




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Mr.S. Sakthivel


Assistant Professor




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Mrs.M.Cavya Deekshith


Assistant Professor

Comparative literature,Children literature,South Asian fiction,Theory and modern criticism,Translations



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Mrs.G. Youveniya


Assistant Professor




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Mrs.N. Rama Prabha


Assistant Professor

Indian Writing and Poetry



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Miss.V. Kavitha


Assistant Professor

Indian Writing in English-Fiction



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Mr.M.Nandha Gopu


Assistant Professor




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MA., MPhil,

Assistant Professor




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