Institution Affiliated to Bharathiar University

G.N.Mills Post, Coimbatore - 641029, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

  • Re-accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade 3.64 CGPA (3rd Cycle)
  • College of Excellence (UGC)
  • Co-Educational Institution Approved by UGC, New Delhi
  • NIRF Rank: 51 (All Over India)



The discipline of the folklore protects our traditional culture. The most worth mention is then folk dance among the folklore, folksongs, folktales, proverb, riddles, lullaby, these antes are declining and evading away owing to the growth modern culture. Hence the college management has taken necessary steps to protect and develop these folk themes.
Our college cultural club encourages folkdances and other Indian folkdances such as Karakatam, Kummiatum, Kavadiattam, Oyelattam, Kolatam etc.Karakatam dance by our students is well known and appreciated by the people of South India.
Cultural Club Co-Coordinators :
Dr. S. Sathish Kumar, Assistant Professor in Tamil
Dr. K. Muthukumar, Assistant Professor in Tamil


The Club Established on 14.09.1998.

  • To make the students as an Entrepreneur.
  • To make them to Think Creatively.

Job Oriented Certificate Course
The Club Provides one year Job Oriented Certificate Course in the name of 'Professional Photography' from 2006-07 academic year onwards. Twenty students from various departments join and learn up Digital Photography every year. 100% Practical Oriented Teaching is given by the Club Co-ordinator. The students are allowed to "earn while learn" through professional photographic shooting.

Eligibility for the Course
The Students who are studying in Under Graduate course can join in their 2nd and 3rd year of course period and PG students can join in their first or second year. Research Scholars can join at any time in their academic year.

The club started with one SLR Camera and it has grown upto a fully loaded "DIGITAL STUDIO".

The Club has a library with good collection of books and Monthly Journals.

Photo Club-Coordinator:
Dr. T. Baluprakash, Assistant Professor in Botany


The Music Club of our College was inaugurated in the year 1995 by Dr. C.A. Vasuki, former Director Finance & Joint Secretary and Present Secretary & Director of the institution. Dr. Rajkumar David, Former Reader in Zoology and Dr. A.A. Sivakumar, Former Principal, are the architects of this vocational center for Music. The generous and friendly support from the management provided the impetus for the phenomenal growth, from its inception, of the Club.

A pioneer in this field, Mr. Joy has been appointed as tutor to train the students in playing different instruments like Electric Keyboard, Drums, Violin, Guitar, Tabla etc. In addition to the above, periodical vocal exercise is also offered by the music club co-ordinators, Dr. R. Manimekalai, Assistant Professor in Tamil (Aided). The trained students of the club are provided opportunities to exhibit their talents during National and religious functions celebrated in the college.

The members of the club perform light music programmes during the Annual Day celebrations. Musical Eve is also one of the special activities of the Club every year. The student members of the Club participate in State and Zonal level inter-collegiate vocal and instrumental music competitions. The Music Club also conducts Carnatic and Light Music competitions to encourage students to hone their skills.

On several occasions, students belonging to the Music Club have won laurels for themselves as well as accolades to the institution by securing trophies, cash awards and certificates. The training provided by the Club also leads to the general personality development of the students.



Program Officer: Mr. T. Kumar, Assistant Professor & HoD of Commerce with CA

Aim of the Club

  • To create awareness about HIV & AIDS among students community.
  • Conduct AIDS awareness meetings.
  • Conduct AIDS awareness students rally.
  • Conduct workshop on celebrating life.

Main Objectives

Tamil Nadu state AIDS Control Society (TANSAES) has come out with a state-wide action programme under the banner RED RIBBON CLUB in Higher Educational institutions in Tamil Nadu.

  • To create mass awareness inside and outside campus.
  • To inform the group about facts and figures on HIV youth.
  • Sex education, peer education, life styles.
  • Finding out problems among the college youth.
  • To conduct survey on HIV in villages.


Yoga and Meditation classes are conducted for the hostel as well as the day scholar students in our college.


Yoga is very important to each and every person in this busy world. In yoga, every asana is connected with breathing. The breathing exercises help to purify the blood and develop resistance in the body, saving it from disease. This is the secret of yoga. In our college, yoga classes are conducted between 4 PM and 5 PM daily for students and staff members. Also the hostel students are doing in the morning between 7 AM and 7.45 AM. The following are the activities which the Yoga Club is practicing:

  • Guru Sthotram
  • Body relaxation exercises
  • Suriya Namaskar
  • Pranayamam
  • Prayer
  • Meditation


Meditation is very, very important to each and every person. It will give relaxation for the mental stress. A person doing meditation will surely relieve from mental depression as well as from Heart attack and Neuro Problems.

Meditation class is going on for the students in three phases.

  • Meditation for the Mathematics students during first hour for 3 minutes. In this time the students will do simple breathing exercise and meditation.
  • Meditation for the Yoga students: After doing Suriya namaskar, Pranayamam and Relaxation, the yoga students will do the meditation for 10 minutes.
  • Meditation for the Swami Vivekananda study circle students: In our college Swami Vivekananda study circle is going well on every Tuesday between 4 and 5 PM. After reading Swami Vivekananda's literature for 50 minutes, the students and the staff attending this class will do meditation. In this meditation class participants will do breathing exercise and meditation for 10 minutes.

Coordinators :Dr. M. Manimegalai, Associate Professor in Zoology