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News & Events


    Monday 2nd of March 2015

    Guideline received from the Deputy Secretary from the Government Higher Education Chennai is displayed for strict adherence by all the members of the Teaching and Non teaching Staff

  2. CHEMBOND -2016

    Thursday 7th of January 2016

    The Department of Chemistry (PG & Research) organized an intercollegiate student's meet-Exploring Chemistry <b>CHEMBOND 16</b> on 06-01-2016 exclusively for undergraduate chemistry students in order to create an interest in science and motivate the students to do higher studies and research in chemistry. 140 participants from various colleges in and around Coimbatore participated in various events.<br><br>
    The inaugural function of CHEMBOND'16 was started at 10.30 a.m with prayer song. <b>Mrs. S. Jone Kirubavathy,</b> Assistant professor and Head, Department of chemistry (P.G) welcomed the gathering. <b>Dr. T. Muraleeswari,</b> Principal, Kongunadu Arts and Science College offered felicitation and <b>Dr. V. Chinnusamy,</b> Chief Executive Officer delivered special address.<b> Dr. C. Subha, </b>Assistant Professor in chemistry, Nirmala College for Women, Coimbatore delivered the keynote address.<br><br>
    Various interesting events like Power point presentations on <b>Green Chemistry,</b> Chem. Charades, Chem. Puzzle, Chemquiz, model making and Chem Skit on the topic <b>Go green</b> were conducted for undergraduate students. Dr. C. Subha, Assistant Professor, Nirmala College for Women, Dr. V. Sangeetha, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of chemistry (UG), Kongunadu arts and Science College, Dr. K. Kalpanadevi, Mrs. A. Amuthavalli, Dr. A. Pushpaveni, Dr. V. Ranjith Kumar, Ms. S. Suguna, Assistant Professors, Department of Chemistry(PG), Kongunadu arts and science college acted as judges for the events. Each event winners were appreciated by prizes. <br><br><b>Dr. K. Logan Kumar,</b> Dean (Research and Development), Kongunadu arts and Science College distributed the prizes for various participants and graced the valedictory session.
    Feed backs were collected from the participants. Vote of thanks was given by <b>Dr. K. Kalpanadevi,</b> Assistant professor, Department of Chemistry (P.G), Kongunadu Arts and Science College. Chembond?16 ended well with National Anthem.


    Monday 11th of January 2016

    A Guest lecture on <b>Self grooming</b> was organized by the Department of Costume Design and Fashion of Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, in Room No. F8 Pattern Making Lab for I and II year CDF Students on 11th January 2016.  <b>Mrs. R.Umamaheswari, </b>Assistant Professor  & Head, Department of Costume Design and Fashion welcomed the Guests from Amrutha Institutions and the students. <br><br><b>Mr. Prabhu Ram,</b> Skill and Language trainer, Amrutha Institutions gave an introduction about self grooming and its importance. After him <b>Mrs. Padmarani,</b> Beauty Professional from the same institute gave a lecture about different tones of skin colours, problems of skin, nail and hair and with suitable remedies for the problems.<br><br> The lecture was very useful for the students followed by the talk of <b>Mr. Pradeep ,</b> Faculty in Computer Technology, Amruth Institutions, scope and opportunities in Fashion Designing along with beautician. Ms. Rama Lakshmi, addressed the students and shared her experience as a passed out student of Amrutha Institution and at present as a entrepreneur.  


    Wednesday 27th of January 2016

    The PG and Research Department of Biotechnology, Kongunadu Arts and Science College had organized One Day Workshop on <b>PCR and its Applications</b> held on 21st January, 2016 at the UG Biotechnology Laboratory by 10.00 am. The Programme Organized inaugurated by our Chief Executive Officer <b>Dr. V. Chinnusamy</b> and motivated the students to involve the advanced research activities. The technical session handled by <b>Dr. R. Subashkumar,</b> Head Department of Biotechnology and further hands on experience gained by the students of UG Biotechnology.  


    Thursday 25th of February 2016

    <b>PG and Research Department of Zoology organized</b> one day state level training Programme sponsored by University Grant Commission (CPE) for farmers entitled <b>Vermitechnology Transfer to Farmers</b> at the organic farm of <b>Mr. M. Krishnamoorthy,</b> Organic Farm, Kanuvai, Coimbatore, TN. Nearly 30 farmers including women actively participated in the training programme.
    Programme started around 10 AM. Organizing secretary <b>Dr.P.Kathireswari,</b> Assistant professor of Zoology welcomed the Farmers and guest. <b>Mrs C.A. Vasuki, </b> Secretary and Director Kongunadu Arts and Science College gave the presidential address and <b>Mr. M.Krishnamoorthy, </b>Natural farmer, Kanuvai inaugurated the function. First Technical session by <b>Dr.P.Kathireswari </b>started around 10:30AM and she gave a talk on different vermiculturing techniques for small scale and large scale production of vermicompost. Farmers were trained to produce vermicompost in a cost effective way without large investment.
    Second technical session by <b>Mr. M.Krishnamoorthy,</b> who explained his experiences on organic farming with integrated cropping in his 4.5 acres land which has highly attracted the attention of farmers for sustainable agriculture, horticulture and integrated cropping for Economical development. Farmers realized the impacts of chemical fertilizers and it?s tremendous pressure on agro- ecosystem. Increasing use of chemical fertilizers lead to serious problems in agro-ecosystem and also polluting air, water and soil, killing of beneficial and non target organisms and destruction to eco-cycles. The use of vermicompost as bio-fertilizer will certainly add great relevance in solving the todays problems. The third technical session included the integrated farm visit and Vermicompost preparation. <br>
    The most urgent need of our country is the promotion of an evergreen revolution designed to increase farm productivity in perpetuity without ecological harm. For this purpose we organized and popularized Vermitechnology for Human Welfare.


    Monday 29th of February 2016

    <b>National level hands-on training on Comet Assay</b> has been conducted by <b>PG and Research Department of Biotechnology</b> on the 24th of February 2016 at our college premises. The programme was conducted to help students, Research Scholars and Teaching Faculty of various Life Science departments to study the DNA damage caused due to toxins.</br>
    The programme's welcome address was delivered by <b>Dr. R. Thirugnanasampandan,</b> Assistant Professor in Biotechnology, Programme Organizing Secretary. Inaugural address was given by <b>Dr. T. Muraleeshwari,</b> Principal and felicitation by <b>Dr. V. Chinnusamy,</b> Chief Executive Officer. The training included isolation of lymphocytes from human blood and induction of DNA damage followed by Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis. The results were then viewed using Fluorescent microscope.<br>
    Our beloved Secretary and Director, <b>Dr. C.A.Vasuki,</b> has visited the lab during the training session and interacted with the participants in a motivational way.
    About 36 participants have participated even though there was a participation restriction of 30. Associate Professors, Assistant professors and Research Scholars from Government Arts College, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, KSR college of Technology, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Karunya University and Dr. NGP Arts and Science College have participated.<br>
    The participants were so elated that they had an opportunity to learn the technique very well since they have handled every step of the procedure individually. At the end of the day, certificates have been given to the participants and a good feedback has been received from all the participants.


    Thursday 5th of May 2016

    The BIOGEN association, PG & Research Department of Biotechnology, Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, Organized a One Day Seminar Series on <b>APPLIED BIOTECHNOLOGY</b> held on 4th January, 2016.The welcome address was given by <b>Dr.R.Subashkumar,</b> Head, PG & Research Department of Biotechnology, Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore.<br><br>
    <b>Dr.V.Chinnusamy,</b> Chief Executive Officer, Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, presented the presidential address. The programme involved three different lectures. The first lecture was delivered by <b>Dr.S.Jagannathan,</b> Assistant Research Officer, Department of Tissue Culture Anti Rabies Vaccine, Pasteur Institute of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Govt. of India), Coonoor, The Nilgiris, on <b>Biotechnological Approaches in Vaccine Production against Infectious Diseases.</b><br><br>
    The second lecture was given by <b>Mr.S.Sathiesh Kumar, </b>Assistant Professor, Nanoscience and Technology, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore on <b>The Miracle Carbon and Biotechnology.</b> The final lecture was delivered by <b>Dr.V. Jayakumar,</b> Senior Scientist (Plant Pathology), Division of Crop protection, Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore on <b>Role of Endophytic Bacteria in Sustainable Agriculture.</b><br><br>
    All UG, PG students, M.phil., Ph.D Research Scholars, Staff members of own department and other departments participated in the seminar. The lectures were very interactive and the students acquired more knowledge through the seminar.The vote of thanks was given by <b>Mr. M.GogulRamnath,</b> Secretary, Biogen association.


    Friday 10th of February 2017

    The Department of PG and Research Biotechnology is going to organize a one day National Seminar on Expanding Frontiers in Applied Biotechnology on 10.02.2017.

    For more details,
    Dr. P. Senthil Kumar