Institution Affiliated to Bharathiar University

G.N.Mills Post, Coimbatore - 641029, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

  • Re-accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade 3.64 CGPA (3rd Cycle)
  • College of Excellence (UGC)
  • Co-Educational Institution Approved by UGC, New Delhi
  • NIRF Rank: 51 (All Over India)


The Professional Education Study Centre, launched in April 2002, provides specialized classroom training for students undergoing the CA / ICWA / ACS Programmes. The centre believes that it will help the students face the examinations with greater confidence leading to their early emergence as professional accountants. This conscious pursuit of excellence lead to the centre's alumni picking up a number of all India ranks in the CA / ICWA / ACS Examinations.

The Classes

Over the first 14 sessions, the centre's classes have attracted a cumulative enrollment of 3000plus students drawn principally from Tamilnadu, Kerala and different parts of the country.

Today the centre offers classes in all subjects of the CA-CPT, ICWA foundation and ACS foundation. The centre has concentrated on offering long duration classes and insisting that the students take the classes' at least one session ahead of their exams. Based on the feedback from students the centre is conducting well received 45 days Revision Programmes. The classes have been found extremely useful by:

  • Students who have appeared exam but failed due to fall short in awareness of professional exam writing.
  • Students who have attended class earlier and desire to revise at least 8hrs a day in class and 4 hrs as self study in one month and equip themselves fully for exams.
  • The one month revision followed immediately by the model exam has lead to higher students' success ratio.


To provide a platform to the students wherein they can interact and update their knowledge on topical areas, the centre conducts a series of conferences and seminars. In order to build self confidence and to develop the total personality of the students, the centre organizes periodical oral discussions and knowledge sharing programmes with the help of different experts from various disciplines.

Career Counselling

Several career counselling programmes were held to guide the young students through the CA / ICWA / ACS curriculum. In one such programme held in our centre, more than 300 students participated. This reflects the growing interest of the students in the CA / ICWA /ACS courses. In fact many schools request the centre to conduct the career counselling programme in their institutions to provide additional advice for the career development of their students.


Tenacity as a virtue is more important than intellect and industry to succeed in life. Being tenacious means being persistent in maintaining and seeking something valued and desired. Many a time having tenacity rather than intelligence, helps us to achieve more in life. To quote Dale Carnegie" Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all". Thus we need to be persistent in whatever we are doing. Irrespective of the impediments, distractions and diversions we need to put in hard dedicated work in a consistent manner to succeed. Only then will success be ours. Remember the words of Thomas Alva Edison, "Genius is one percentage inspiration and ninety-nine percentage perspiration".