Arts and Science College (Autonomous)

Institution Affiliated to Bharathiar University

Re-accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade 3.64 CGPA (3rd Cycle)

College of Excellence (UGC)

Co-Educational Institution Approved by UGC, New Delhi

  G.N.Mills Post, Coimbatore - 641029, Tamilnadu, INDIA

44 years of educational excellance


 Department of Tamil
Dr.K. MurugesanAssistant Professor and Head
Dr.R. ManimegalaiAssistant Professor
Dr. K.MuthukumarAssistant Professor
Dr.M. Rukmani Assistant Professor
Dr.S. SathishkumarAssistant Professor
Dr.M.NagarajanAssistant Professor(Management)
 Department of English (UG)
Mr.S. NagarajaAssistant Professor and Head
Dr.Shobha RamaswamyAssistant Professor
Mrs.K.S.MangayarkkarasiAssistant Professor
Dr.P.SujathaAssistant Professor
Dr.R.SumathiAssistant Professor
Dr.P. ChitraAssistant Professor
Mrs.S.NagalakshmiAssistant Professor(Management)
Mrs.A. V. KreethikaAssistant Professor(Management)
 Department of Mathematics (UG & PG)
Dr.K. MuthukumaraswamyAssociate Professor and Head
Dr.K. RamasamyAssociate Professor
Dr.V. Kokilavani Assistant Professor
Dr.D. VijayalakshmiAssistant Professor
Dr.M. VigneshwaranAssistant Professor
Dr.M. Venkatachalam Assistant Professor
Mrs.Deepa.TAssistant Professor(Management)
Miss.S. Selvi Celin Prabha Assistant Professor(Management)
Miss.M. MalarvizhiAssistant Professor(Management)
Dr.C. RavichandranAssistant Professor(Management)
 Department of Physics (UG & PG)
Dr.R. SathyamoorthyAssociate Professor and Head
Dr.M. DhanamAssociate Professor
Dr.K. RajasekarAssociate Professor
Dr.A. Anu KalianiAssociate Professor
Mr.K. KaruppuswamyAssistant Professor
Dr.B. Chandar ShekarAssistant Professor
Dr.K.SaravanakumarAssistant Professor
Dr.M. SeethaAssistant Professor
Dr.P. MatheswaranAssistant Professor
Dr.M.Mohamed IbrahimAssistant Professor
Dr.A. RanjithaAssistant Professor
Mrs.N. Kamatchi DeviAssistant Professor(Management)
Mrs.P.VidhyaAssistant Professor(Management)
Mrs.V.D. NadhiyaAssistant Professor(Management)
 Department of Chemistry (UG)
Dr.V. SangeethaAssistant Professor and Head
Dr.M.S.SivaramakumarAssistant Professor
Dr.R. ManimekalaiAssistant Professor
Dr.R.VelmuruganAssistant Professor
Dr.K. Saminathan Assistant Professor
Dr.A. Manimaran Assistant Professor
Mrs.V. RamyaAssistant Professor(Management)
Miss.M. MenagaAssistant Professor(Management)
 Department of Botany (UG & PG)
Dr.V. ThangapandianAssociate Professor and Head
Dr.V. BalasubramaniamAssociate Professor
Dr.K. ArumugasamyAssociate Professor
Dr.N. NagarajanAssociate Professor
Dr.K.ThenmozhiAssistant Professor
Dr.P. SumathiAssistant Professor
Dr.K. KarthikaAssistant Professor
Dr.S. JamunaAssistant Professor(Management)
Dr.T. Baluprakash Assistant Professor(Management)
Dr.H. Abdul KaffoorAssistant Professor(Management)
 Department of Zoology (UG & PG)
Dr.R. JeyaraajAssociate Professor and Head
Dr.K. LogankumarAssociate Professor
Dr.S. LogaswamyAssociate Professor
Dr.M. ManimegalaiAssociate Professor
Dr.M.LekeshmanaswamyAssociate Professor
Dr.S. BinukumariAssistant Professor
Dr.P. KathireswariAssistant Professor
Dr.S. RajaAssistant Professor
Dr.Nithya Jeniffer BAssistant Professor(Management)
Dr.R. KalavathiAssistant Professor(Management)
Dr.K. Vijaya KumarAssistant Professor(Management)
 Department of Biochemistry (UG)
Dr.Indira A JayraajAssociate Professor and Head
Dr.S. KrishnakumariAssociate Professor
Dr.K. KalaivaniAssociate Professor
Dr.V. SelviAssociate Professor
Dr.K. SurekhaAssistant Professor(Management)
 Department of Computer Science
Mrs.A. ManickathaiAssociate Professor and Head
Mr.A. SivabalanAssociate Professor
Mr.U.M. RavichandranAssociate Professor
Dr.A. KavithaAssistant Professor
 Library and Information Centre
Dr. R. SenthilkumarAssistant Professor
 Department of Physical Education
Dr. P.K. KavithashriDirector of Physical Education
Mr. N. SureshAssistant Director of Physical Education