Arts and Science College (Autonomous)

Institution Affiliated to Bharathiar University

Re-accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade 3.64 CGPA (3rd Cycle)

College of Excellence (UGC)

Co-Educational Institution Approved by UGC, New Delhi

  G.N.Mills Post, Coimbatore - 641029, Tamilnadu, INDIA

44 years of educational excellance


 Department of Tamil
Dr.V. SuganthaAssociate Professor and Head
Dr.A. SaravananAssistant Professor
Dr.K. PalanivelAssistant Professor
Dr.S.ArichandranAssistant Professor
Dr.D. PriyaAssistant Professor
Dr.J. NishanthiniAssistant Professor
Dr.N.AmudhadeviAssistant Professor
Mr.M. Sathish KumarAssistant Professor
 Department of English (PG)
Dr.Diwakar ThomasAssociate Professor
Mrs.S.P. SasirekhaAssistant Professor and Head
Dr.M.PriyaAssistant Professor
Mrs.S.JeyalakshmiAssistant Professor
Mrs.M.K.PraseedaAssistant Professor
Mr.Athisayaraj JebakumarAssistant Professor
Mr.C. SakthivelAssistant Professor
Mr.S. David KarunakaranAssistant Professor
Mr.S. SakthivelAssistant Professor
Mr.D. Solomon Paul RajAssistant Professor
Miss.M.Cavya Deekshith Assistant Professor
Mrs.G. YouveniyaAssistant Professor
Mrs.N. Rama PrabhaAssistant Professor
Mrs.M.PradeepaAssistant Professor
 Department of Mathematics (UG)
Mrs.L.VidyaraniAssistant Professor and Head
Mrs.K.KrishnaveniAssistant Professor
Mrs.R. PoongodiAssociate Professor
Mrs.S. DhanalakshmiAssistant Professor
Miss.R.NesarajithamaniAssistant Professor
Dr.M. Vivek PrabhuAssistant Professor
Mrs.G. Juliet Jeba ThangamAssistant Professor
Dr.N. Mohana Priya Assistant Professor
Dr.P. Sathishmohan Assistant Professor
Dr.V. RajendranAssistant Professor
 Department of Chemistry (PG)
Dr.K.KalpanadeviAssistant Professor and Head
Mrs.A.AmuthavalliAssistant Professor
Dr.A. PushpaveniAssistant Professor
Dr.Jayanthi.EAssistant Professor
Mrs.A. Nagaveni Assistant Professor
 Department of Biochemistry (PG)
Dr.M. KalaiselviAssistant Professor and Head
Dr.S. KathiravanAssistant Professor
 Department of Biotechnology (UG & PG)
Dr.R. SubashkumarAssociate Professor and Head
Dr.R. ThirugnanasampandanAssistant Professor
Dr.V. BhuvaneshwariAssistant Professor
Dr.P. SenthilkumarAssistant Professor
Dr.R. AmsaveniAssistant Professor
Mr.S. Rathish Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr.C.SowmiaAssociate Professor
Dr.G.AnbarasiAssistant Professor
 Department of Computer Science (PG)
Mr.B. ManogaranAssociate Professor and Head
Mrs.G. VidyaAssistant Professor
Mr. L. HalduraiAssistant Professor
Mr.P. KalirajAssistant Professor
Mrs.K. SumangalaAssociate Professor
Mr.B. Raj KumarAssociate Professor
 Department of Computer Applications (UG)
Dr.A. HemaAssociate Professor and Head
Mrs.M. LalithambigaiAssociate Professor
Miss.K. Yemuna RaneAssistant Professor
Mrs.A. ImmaculateAssistant Professor
Mrs.D. KavithaAssistant Professor
Miss.M.R. BanupriyaAssistant Professor
Mr.A.K.Ashfauk AhamedAssistant Professor
 Department of Computer Science (UG)
Dr.R. BeenaAssociate Professor and Head
Mrs.N. KalaivaniAssociate Professor
Mrs.K. RajeswariAssistant Professor
Dr.K. DhanalakshmiAssociate Professor
Miss.T. MadhubalaAssistant Professor
 Department of Computer Technology (UG & PG)
Dr.R. UmagandhiAssociate Professor and Head
Mrs.G. VaniAssistant Professor
Mr.N. SenthilkumarAssistant Professor
Mrs.D. HemalathaAssistant Professor
Miss.M. Juliet Monolisa EstherAssistant Professor
 Department of Information Technology (UG)
Dr.S. MythiliAssociate Professor and Head
Mr.R.KarthikAssistant Professor
Mrs.B. KavithaAssistant Professor
Miss.R. RajalakshmiAssistant Professor
Mrs.N. PaviyasreAssistant Professor
 Department of BBA CA (UG)
Mrs.S.Punitha DeviAssistant Professor and Head
Mrs.K. SubashiniAssistant Professor
Mrs.M. SangeethaAssistant Professor
Miss.A.MuthupriyaAssistant Professor
Miss.S.Manjula DeviAssistant Professor
 Department of Commerce (UG)
Dr.S. UmaAssociate Professor and Head
Mrs.S.PoorniAssistant Professor
Mr.S.K. ArunkumarAssistant Professor
Mr.R. PadmanabanAssistant Professor
Mrs.S.Kalpana DeviAssistant Professor
Mrs.P.K.UmamaheswariAssistant Professor
Miss.Amudha.SAssistant Professor
Mrs.G. VanithamaniAssistant Professor
Miss.S.SaranyaAssistant Professor
 Department of Commerce (PG) and Commerce with PA
Dr.M. Revathi BalaAssociate Professor and Head
Miss.B. Divya PriyaAssistant Professor
Dr.R. Maharajothi PriyaAssistant Professor
Mrs.S.RajamAssociate Professor
Dr.M. Usharani Assistant Professor
Miss.N. Shruthi Assistant Professor
Mrs.P.GeethaAssistant Professor
Mr.R. MurugesanAssistant Professor
Mr.S. RamakrishnanAssistant Professor
Mrs.C. Goldbell RachelAssistant Professor
 Department of Commerce with CA (UG)
Mr.T.KumarAssistant Professor and Head
Mrs.V.ReghaAssistant Professor
Mrs.R.PriyaAssistant Professor
Mrs.T. DeepikaAssistant Professor
Mrs.S. Janeefa PriyaAssistant Professor
Mr.P.VijayAssistant Professor
Dr.A. PriyaAssistant Professor
Mrs.S. NandhiniAssistant Professor
Miss.Nandhini.CAssistant Professor
Miss.S.VinothiniAssistant Professor
 Department of Costume Design and Fashion (UG)
Mrs.R. UmamaheswariAssistant Professor and Head
Mrs.C.SheebaAssistant Professor
Miss.Amsaveni.MAssistant Professor
Miss.M. SindhuAssistant Professor