Institution Affiliated to Bharathiar University

G.N.Mills Post, Coimbatore - 641029, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

  • Re-accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade 3.64 CGPA (3rd Cycle)
  • College of Excellence (UGC)
  • Co-Educational Institution Approved by UGC, New Delhi
  • NIRF Rank: 51 (All Over India)


Development and expansion plans of the Department for the next five years

  • Conservation of Biodiversity-Identifying the critically endangered species of animals and their conservation.
  • To bring environmental awareness to students of other Departments through Eco-club.
  • Live species are avoided for dissection.
  • Virtual laboratory for understanding the system of animals.
  • Progressing towards attaining academic excellence.

We wish our department to become in a period of five years,

  • A centre of excellence in Animal Science.
  • A virtual laboratory replacing all kinds of live dissections.
  • A training centre to develop awareness about environmental degradation as well as danger and cruelty to animals.
  • An excellent centre of teaching-learning accompanied with audio-visual techniques.
  • An interdisciplinary centre on part with National and International research institutions known for studies in the field of entomology, toxicology, vermitechnology etc.


To accomplish the visions, the following are our duties:

  • Restructuring the curriculum giving importance to the value of animals in maintaining global environment.
  • Including of interdisciplinary aspects wherever possible.
  • Developing virtual laboratory models for invertebrate and vertebrate dissections.
  • Inclusion of certificate and Diploma courses of Animal husbandry, vermitechnology and the kind to make the students self-employed.
  • Equiping class rooms with audio-visual aids to promote teaching –learning process.
  • Conducting awareness campaign among students and public on the need for conserving animal species diversity.
  • Publication of research findings in Journals of high inpact values.
  • Attending national and International conferences and disseminating the research achievements of this department.
  • Selecting topics of research eligible for patent rights getting major and minor projects from various funding agencies to promote financial status of research laboratory.
  • Becoming member of research organizations to popularize the position of this department in research studies.


The Department was started in the academic year 1974-1975 with the undergraduate course, and the Department bears the badge of seniority. In 1977, for the first time,among all the colleges in Tamilnadu, SERICULTURE was introduced as an ancillary subject along with Botany, Biochemistry.The Department has now grown into titanic proportions offering M.Sc, since 1981-82 and the research degrees M.Phil and Ph.D since 1982. The Department is specialized in the fields of Entomology, Environmental Toxicology, Vermitechnology, Aquaculture, Biotechnology and Biodiversity. Till the last academic year number of UG & PG students graduated from the Department is 102 and 98, respectively.

Courses Category Duration
BSc. Zoology Degree 3 years
MSc. Zoology Degree 2 years
MPhil FT Zoology Research 1 year
MPhil PT Zoology Research 2 years
PhD (Full Time) Research 3 years
PhD (Part Time) Research 4 years


To date, 21 Ph.D & 16 M.Phil degrees have been awarded. 2 M.Phil and 16 Ph.d are in roll.

4 minor projects and 1 major projects funded by UGC and other agencies have been completed and one minor project and 1 major project are under progress.


The Department takes special care to update the spheres of knowledge and thus the faculty members have so far attended 160 seminars/conferences of National and International level and 12 workshops/2 refresher courses. In addition to this,the faculty members have published 118 research papers in National and International journals. Faculty members presented a paper in the International conference at Dubai & Bangkok.


Dr. M. Aruchami Principal, Secretary & Director – Kongunadu Arts and Science College. Coimbatore – 29.
Executive Member of Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata.
President, Private Colleges Management Association.
Tmt. C.A. Vasuki Joint Secretary (Academic & Finance), Kongunadu Arts and Science College Coimbatore – 29.
Dr. A.A. Sivakumar Former Principal
Dr. B. Dhanakkodi Former Controller of Examinations & NSS Programme Officer
Dr. S. Logaswamy Controller of Examinations & Former NSS PO
Dr. K. Logankumar Dean Academic and Research Development & Former NSS PO
Dr. M. Lekshmanaswamy Awarded Best NSS officer title
  • Dr. K. Logankumar attended First Biotechnology World Congress at Dubai on Feb. 2012.
  • He also conducted one day state level seminar on April 2012 by UGC sponsored under CPE program.
  • Dr. M. Lekshmanaswamy act as co-ordinator for Young Student Scientist Program (YSSP) for school students for 8 days and 4 days computer program were given to rural school students.
  • Dr. S. Ravisankar, act as a coordinator for Inservice Training to Secondary Grade Teachers funded by Tamilnadu state council for science and technology.
  • Dr. M. Lekshmanaswamy & Dr. S. Binukumari were conducted blood grouping for first year UG & PG Students of our college.


  • The department provides multiple opportunities to the students in various fields.
  • Eligible for all Subject related higher studies including Medical transcription in IT sector and higher studies in abroad.
  • Eligible for all Government services.
  • Teaching and Research, Scientists.
  • As entrepreneurs (Dairy, Poultry, Industries)
  • Nutrition & Dietetics-in Hospitals, Dietician
  • Entomologists-Agriculture & Forest Department.
  • Environmental Biologist - Pollution Control Board and Fisheries.
  • Self Employment - Sericulture, Apiculture, Ornamental fish culture, Aquaculture and Environmental Chemist Production of vermicompost.
  • Technician in clinical laboratories.
  • Analyst in IT Companies.
  • Museum and wild life Management Depts.
  • Vermiculture farming.
  • Production earthworm products for export.


In the near future ,the Department plans to introduce cocoon and silk processing with the support of trainers staff. Sericulture is to be introduced as the major subjects and also at the post graduate levels. The Department also intends to train the students on ornamental fish culture and Aquaculture. There is also a plan to label the biological indicators to identify the polluted environment and to workout in detail on solid waste management. Field training in pest and vector control in the context of biological control will be imparted. In addition to this, students will be trained in Vermiculture, Apiculture,i.e. (bee hive maintenance and culture) and Mushroom cultivation.


The Department convenes Alumni meet and number of former students join together and share their experiences. They also give suggestion regarding the curriculum for the betterment of the subject and benefit of the students. The alumni of this Department occupy prime places in research institution,university Departments,administrative chairs in National and International levels.

Name Position
Dr. Nallasivam Palanisamy Director in Research Lab, USA
Dr. R. Ramakrishnan Scientist, USA
Mrs. C.A. Vasuki Joint Secretary (Academic & Finance) KASC, Coimbatore
Mr. M. Subramaniam Director, Aromatic company, Coimbatore
Mr. S. Rajendran Director, MRM Offset, Tirupur
Dr. M. Ramesh Reader Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
Dr. S. Ramajayam Lecturer Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
Dr. S. Sivaramakrishnan Lecturer Bharathidasan University, Trichy
Dr. M. Rabeeth Lecturer CNC, Tirupur
Dr. K. Thirumathal Reader,APA College, Palani
Mr. S. Dhanapal Environmental Scientist, PCB, Hosur
Mr. S. Kalaichelvi Environmental Scientist, PCB, Coimbatore
Mrs. N. Vijayalakshmi Lecturer,GVG, Udumalpet
Mrs. S. Umamaheswari Lecturer & Head, GVG, Udumalpet
Mrs. T. Chitra Lecturer,CNC college, Erode
Dr. S. Chitra Lecturer, Erode Arts College, Erode
Mrs. Maheswari Lecturer, GVG, Udumalpet
Mr. A.K. Rajendren Ex-Public Prosecutor, Coimbatore
Dr. Sivakumari Reader, Meenakshi College, Chennai
Mr. C.P. Kandaswamy Inspector of Police, Trichy
Dr. Elizhli. N Associate professor, P.S.G.R. Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore
Dr. V.M. Padmanaban Associate Professor, Vasavi College, Erode
Dr. P. Sundararaj Associate Professor, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore