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A Home away from Home

Separate hostel for boys and girls is available inside the campus with all the required facilities for students. Different types of fully-furnished rooms (single occupancy deluxe room to 8- bedded rooms) are available in the hostels offering the students a wide range of choices. There are 9 supervisors (5 teaching & 4 non teaching) in the Ladies' Hostel and 4 supervisors (1 teaching & 3 non teaching) in the Boys’ Hostel to help the students and maintain discipline and order in the hostel.


The Hostel mess is being run by the Mess Committee that includes elected students. The Mess has a modern kitchen with steam heating facility to provide healthy and hygienic food. Unlimited food & milk is provided to the hostel students. For Kerala students "Kerala Rice" is made available daily to cater their needs. During festivals, special meals are cooked for hostel students. There are separate, clean and adequate dining halls for both boys and girls.

Common Facilities

The rooms are provided with all amenities. There is a Hygiene Committee which looks after the cleanliness of the rooms and toilets in the hostel. A separate 100 KVA generator is available to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the hostel and mess.


The Management encourages the hostel students by giving scholarships for meritorious and economically backward students.

Sports Facilities

There are sports fields for volley ball, throw ball and badminton inside the Ladies' Hostel. Hostel students are encouraged to use these sports facilities in addition to the regular sports facilities.

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