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College Emblem

The college emblem, like all great things, looks humble in its form but subtly stands for certain stately virtues that give the stamp of dignity to the college. The 'Hut' represents the fact that millions of the nation have only humble dwellings and it symbolises that Great minds can come from anywhere. The 'Plough' symbolises Agricultural Development and the 'wheel' for Industrial Progress. Agriculture is the backbone of our country and the country's phenomenal growth and prosperity depend not only on agriculture but on industry as well. The 'Mountain' represents lofty ideals and noble thoughts; the 'Kuthuvilakku' symbolizes the light of Knowledge, the 'Book' is a sigil for Education and the 'Veena' for Art. The Nation's advancement is indicated by the symbols in the upper half while symbols in the lower half signify the growth of the individuals who form the nation. Wisdom without work is lame. Work without wisdom is blind. Either without culture is dead.

The emblem bears the motto.

" அறிவு, பண்பு, உழைப்பு " These three factors contribute to the harmonious and complete growth of an individual.