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Research Projects


S.No. Name of the Investigator Title Funding Agency Major/ Minor Amount sanctionedRs. Period
1. Dr. K. Murugesan Thirukkural Uraiverupadugal Central Institute of Classical Tamil, Chennai Minor 2,50,000 2012-13
2. Dr. M. Nagarajan Life style of attapaadi tribal people based on anthropology’s vision(Kerala State) UGC, New Delhi Minor 1,00,000 2013-14
3. Dr. N. Ranjan A special study of tholkappiyamorphophonimic theory inkurunthogai UGC, New Delhi Minor 90,000 2013-14
4. Dr. R. Manimegalai A Special Study of symbolism theory in Thirumanthiram UGC, New Delhi Minor 2,70,000 2014-15
5. Dr.K.Murugesan Concepts and violations of Human Rights in Modern Tamil Novels-A field study in Coimbatore and Tirupur Districts UGC, New Delhi Minor 3,00,000 2014-16
6. Dr.K.Palanivel Kongu Vellalar Clan Worship God on the Basis of Theoretical Ethnography UGC, New Delhi Minor 1,45,000 2014-16
7. Dr.A.Saravanan A life style of Paniyas in Nilgiris District UGC, New Delhi Minor 2,45,000 2014-16
8. Dr. S. Arichandran Ethnography Approach of  Kulalaras life style in Kongu Region UGC, New Delhi Minor 1,15,000 2017-19
1. Dr. R. Devi G Alpha – closed set in the Digital Plane and Its Application in Computer Image Analysis. UGC Minor 1,00,000 2008-10
2. Dr. K. Thilagavathi Storage of Chemicals in a Chemical Manufacturing Factory using Graph Colourings. UGC Minor 70,000 2008-10
3. Dr. M. Vigneshwaran **gα-closed sets and **gα-open sets in the digital plane UGC, New Delhi Minor 50,000 2013-14
1. Dr.Shobha Ramaswamy “Ecology and the Natural Environment as Represented in Children’s Fiction Published in India between 1990 and 2010”   UGC, New Delhi Major 6,94,000 2012-14
2. Dr. B. Chitra Seed Money- Mushroom Cultivation training to Rural Community Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Minor 1,00,000 2020-21
1. Dr. R. Velumurugan Sysnthesis spectral X- Rayscrystallographic and DNA binding studies of carbazole derivatives UGC, New Delhi Minor 1,00,000 2013-14
2. Mrs.A.Amuthavalli Synthesis characterization, Anticancer and DNA-Binding studies of novel heterocyclic compounds UGC, New Delhi Minor 4,50,000 2014-15
3. Mrs.S. Jone Kirubavathy Studies on synthesis of transition metal complexes of quinoxaline and pyrimidine derivatives and their pharmacological evaluation UGC, New Delhi Minor 4,00,000 2014-15
4. Mrs.K.Kalpanadevi Studies on the structural, magnetic and gas sensing properties of cobalt ferrite, nickel, ferrite, cobaltzinc ferrite and nickel zinc ferrite nanoparticles synthesized by thermal decomposition route UGC, New Delhi Minor 1,90,000 2014-15
5. Dr.R.Manimekalai Low Temperature syntheses and studies on structural magnetic, electrical, optical and biological properties of manganese zinc ferrites and nickel zinc ferrites UGC, New Delhi Minor 2,10,000 2014-15
6. Dr. V. Sangeetha Synthesis of Pyrazolino- and Oxazolo- Cyclopent (B)  indoles with Anticancer, Genotoxicity, DNA  Bindi NG/Cleavage and Antioxidant Activities UGC, Hyderabad Minor 1,90,000 2014-16
1. Dr.R.Sathyamoorthy Synthesis of Indium Telluride (a-In2Te3) Thin Films from In/Te Bilayers by Swift Heavy Ion Beam Mixing. Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi Major 5,15,000 2007-10
2. Dr. A. Anukaliani ZnS Nanoparticle synthesis for flexible display by plasma electrochemical deposition. UGC Minor 90,000 2009-11
3. Dr. M. Dhanam Fabrication and characterization of CulnS2 thin film based solar cells UGC, New Delhi Major 7,41,800 2010-13
4. Dr. R.Sathyamoorthy “Silver, Oxygen ion irradiation and Nickel, Copper ion implantation on SnO2 thin films for gas sensor applications” Inter-University Accelerator Centre Major 5,07,000 2010-13
5. Dr. Saravanakumar Multiferroic Behaviour of  codoped  BiFoo3 thin films (BA, NI, TI) funded by UGC-DAE consortium for scientific research Indore in Physics department CSR, UGC New Delhi Major 10,17,547 2015-18
6. Dr. P. Matheswaran Phase change memory properties of SHI irradiated metal chalcogenide thin films IUAC, New Delhi Major 6,04,102 2015-18
 7. Dr. Saravanakumar Multiferroic Behaviour of  codoped  BiFoo3 thin films (BA, NI, TI) funded by UGC-DAE consortium for scientific research Indore in Physics department CSR – IC / CRS – 97 Major 2,46,600 2014-17
 8. Dr. P. Matheswaran Phase change memory properties of SHI irradiated metal chalcogenide thin films IUAC/XII-7/UFR – 57306 Major 10,00,000 2015-18

Dr.P. Matheswaran

Electrical switching properties of low energy ion beam irradiated indium chalcogenide thin films

Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi





Enhancing Exchange Bias Coupling with Diluted Antiferromagnets   Through Ion Beam Implantation

Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi

Minor           BTR 2019-21

Dr. Saravanakumar

“Fabrication and performance study of self-powered photodetector towards practical usage” – Approval intimation – Reg.


Major 4,00,000 2019-21

Dr.P. Matheswaran

 “Electrical switching properties of quatermary chalcogenide (Ag-Se-Sn-Te) thin films





1. Dr. V. S. Ramachandran Flora of Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu BSI, Calcutta Minor 1,00,000 1986-89
2. Dr. V. S. Ramachandran Flora of River Amaravathiand its Environs, Coimbatore District, Tami Nadu UGC, New Delhi Minor 7,500 1989-90
3. Dr. N.R. Ponnammal Investigation on the Phenology and Physiology of Selected Tree species with respect to seed settings, viability of seeds, selection of seeds and their nursery techniques DNES, New Delhi Major 2,30,000 1989-92
4. Dr. T. Ganamani, Dr. V. S. Ramachandran, Dr. N.R. Ponnammal Integrated environmental research programme on the river cauvery MoEF Major 5,40,000 1989-92
5. Dr. V. S. Ramachandran Medicinal Plants conservation a) Top Slip b) Mathikettan Shola FRLHT Minor 70,000 1993-95
6. Prof. K.K. Lakshmanan Utilization of sea weeds UGC Minor 1,70,000 1993-96
7. Prof. K.K. Lakshmanan Micropropagation of some medicinally imported trees CSIR Major 4,30,000 1993-96
8. Dr. V.S. Ramachandran Western Ghats Biodiversity Network Project CESHS Minor 70,000 1994-96
9. Dr. N.R. Ponnammal Research and Development Studies on the shrub, Cassia auriculata TNFD Major 1,20,000 1994-97

Dr. S. Paulsamy &

Dr. K. Arumugasamy

Evaluation of Fire retardant species to form vegetational fire breaks in grass hills, Western Ghats MoENF Major 2,95,000 1998-2001
11. Dr. V. S. Ramachandran A study of the herbaceous flora and orchids of Mukurthi National Park, the Nilgiris TNFDWW Minor 80,000 2000-01
12. Dr. S. Paulsamy Mass cultivation of an endemic medicinal plant, Berberis tinctoriathrough micropropagation TNSCST, Chennai Minor 5,000 2001-02

Dr. K. Arumugasamy &

Dr. S. Paulsamy

Screening and evaluation of unexplored wild legumes for protein quality, Anamalai Hills, Western Ghats, Southern India UGC, Hyderabad Minor 50,000 2001-03
14. Dr. S. Paulsamy Studies on the identification of suitable tree species for the control of air pollution in Ooty city, Western Ghats, Southern India TNSCST, Chennai Minor 5,000 2002-03
15. Dr. V. Balasubramaniam Exploration and conservation of medicinal plant resources of Vellingiri Hills, Coimbatore District. UGC, Hyderabad Minor 45,000 2003-05
16. Dr. N. Nagarajan & Dr. S. Paulsamy Isolation, screening and application of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi for the rehabilitation of degraded forest in Anamalai Hills, the Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu UGC, Hyderabad Minor 1,00,000 2003-05
17. Dr. S. Paulsamy & Dr. N. Nagarajan Studies on the identification of suitable tree species for the control of air pollution in some industrial cities of Tamil Nadu UGC, Hyderabad Minor 75,000 2004-06
18. Dr. S. Paulsamy & Dr. K. Arumugasamy Evaluation of conservation strategies for the sustainable utilization of herbaceous bioresources in the sholas of Nilgiris, Western Ghats MoENF, New Delhi Major 8,61,000 2004-07
19. Dr. S. Paulsamy In vitro Regeneration of Three Poorly Perpetuated Medicinal Plants in Nilgiris, the Western Ghats. UGC Minor 65,000 2008-10
20. Dr. N. Nagarajan Studies on the arbuscular mycorrhizal biodiversity in the forest plant species of Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu and Employing the AM Fungi in Degraded lands. UGC Minor 1,55,000 2009-11
21. Dr. S. Paulsamy Development of strategies for the invitro regeneration of two locally demanded folklore medicinal plants in Coimbatore District. TNSCST Minor 1,80,000 2009-11
22. Dr.K.Arumugasamy Phytochemical Antimicrobial and Antidiabetic Activity of Endemic Medicinal Plants, Swetia Corymbosa Griest and Swertia Minor Wight Ex Clarke UGC   Major 7,86,800 2009-12
23. S.Paulsamy Evaluation on current availability status and therapeutic properties of wild and in vitro regenerated plants of the traditional medicinal species, Solena amplexicaulis (Lam.) Gandhi. (Cucurbitaceae) UGC, New Delhi Major 7,59,800 2012-16
24. Dr. K. Thenmozhi Phytochemical and biological investigations of the two indigenous legumes Cassia obtusa (L.) Roxb. and Bauhinia tomentosa L. with nutraceutical perspectives UGC, New Delhi Major 5,16,200 2013-16
25. Dr. K. Karthika Comparative study on bioactive constituents and therapeutic properties of wild and in vitro regenerated coscinium fenestratum (Gaertn) colebr.(menipermaceae)- A Critically UGC,, Hyderabad   Minor   2,20,000   2017-18
1. Dr. K. Logankumar & Dr. S. Logaswamy Screening of some medicinal plants in the Nilgiri Biosphere for the mosquitocidal property against the chikungunya vector, Aedes.aegypti (Culicidae: Diptera). UGC Major 5,75,000 2007-10
2. Dr. M. Manimegalai Studies on the Control the vectors of Fiand Chickungunya using Gloriosa superbaparts as Biocides. UGC Minor 1,34,000 2009-11
3. Dr. S. Binukumari “Biodiversity of River Noyyal, Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu” UGC Minor 80,000 2011-13
4. Dr. P. Kathireswari Host-Bacterial Symbiont Co- specification Patterns among Indigenom earthworm families DST, New Delhi (Trans. From KSR to KASC) Major 24,80,000 2011-14
5. Dr.M.Manimegalai Studies on isolation Purification and Characterization of Mosquitocidal compound from Tropical trees UGC, New Delhi Minor 2,70,000 2014-15
6. Dr. Kathireswari Nanotechnology-related environment, health and safety research: Examining the nanotoxic effects on non-human Biota earthworm for environmental health perspectives DST, New Delhi Major 35,37,270 2016-18
1. Dr. V. Selvi Cardioprotective effect and antioxiant status of lagenaria sicereria (Mol.) and its phytochemical characterization. UGC Minor 1,65,000 2009-11
2. Dr. S. Krishnakumari   “Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation: rendering self reliance to the Women Self Help Group and Disabled persons and alleviating poverty” DST, New Delhi Major 7,44,050 2010-13
3. Dr. Indira A. Jeyaraj   “Vermitechnology – A novel approach for the disposal of Biomedical wastes” UGC, New Delhi Major 6,33,800 2010-13
4. Dr. S. Krishnakumari   Exploring the low density polethylen (LDPE) Biodegradation potential of endophytic fungal strains isolated from native plants UGC, New Delhi Major 13,75,800 2013-16
5. Dr. S. Krishnakumari   Exploring the untapped potential of edible mushroom agrocybe aegerita through silver nanoparticle synthesis and its characterization TNSCST Major 4,15,000 2014-16
6. Dr. S. Krishnakumari   Technology  Dissemination on Spawn Biofabrication and Functional Foods from Minor Millets DST, New Delhi Major 15,15,625 2016-18
7. Dr. K. Kalaivani Antitumor effect of Solanum villosum leaf extract against DEN induced Liver Cancer in rats Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi Major 3,08,000 2014-16
8. Dr.M.Kalaiselvi Induction of Apoptosis in Breast Cancer from Essential oil of citrus limetta Risso through mitochondrial depended pathway DST, New Delhi – SERB Major 22,60,000 2015-18
1. Dr. S. Arichandran Ethnography Approach of  Kulalaras life style in Kongu Region UGC, New Delhi Minor 1,15,000 2016-18
1. Dr. D. Chitra Impact of Swachh Swasth Sarvatra’ on the Villagers in Coimbatore District – A Survey Indian Council of Social Science Research Minor 4,00,000 2019-21
1. Dr.R. Subashkumar Synthesis and characterization of hydroxyapatite (Hap) by Serratia marcescens MTCC 4822 and its efficiency on human bone implantation UGC, New Delhi   Major 7,19,800 2011-14
2. Dr.V.Bhuvaneshwari Molecular Ananlysis of acquired resistance induced by salicycylic acid on salt stressed solanum melong Ena L. UGC, New Delhi Minor 3,20,000 2014-15
3. Dr.M.Kalaiselvi Antioxidant, Anti-Proliferative and Anti-aromatase activities of Bioactive constituents from essential of Ixora coccinea linn and Ixora pervifloravahl species UGC, New Delhi Minor 3,65,000 2014-15
4. Dr.R.Thiruganasampandan Health-Beneficial diterpenoids in the leaves of Isoldon wightii(Bentham) H. Hara UGC, New Delhi Major 14,05,800 2012-15
5. Dr.R.Thiruganasampandan Chemical composition analysis and evaluation of antioxidant, antigen toxic, apoptotic and in uitro anti inflammatory activities of essential oil of Atalantia Monophylla Correa DST, New Delhi Major 21,00,000 2013-16
6. Dr. R. Amsaveni Anti-inflammatory efficacy of Hibiscus Schizopetauls UGC, New Delhi Minor 2,20,000 2016-18
7. Dr. P. Senthilkumar Green Synthesis of Gold nanoparticles from Gelidiella acerosa (Red Seaweed) and their antidiabetic activity on streptozotocin induced diabetic rats UGC, New Delhi Minor 2,15,000 2016-18
 8. Dr. S. R. Madhan Shankar An analysis of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice prevailing among the tribal women in Nilgiri District  on Polyscystic Ovarian Syndrome” 




1. Mrs. S. Renuka Devi A study on Rural Development and Socio economic empowerment  of women through Micro enterprises in Coimbatore District – Tamilnadu UGC, New Delhi Minor 1,65,000 2016-18
2. Dr. M. Revathi Bala A study on Amelioration of Transgender’s  Livelihood  in Coimbatore District UGC, Hyderabad Minor 50,000 2014-16