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Students Associations


The Students' Association of our College is actively functioning with the help of the Office bearers. The Association provides an opportunity to develop leadership quality among students.

Office Bearers:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Sports Secretary - Men
  • Sports Secretary - Women

Selection Patterns:

The office bearers will be elected by the electors consisting of the Students' Council Members and Class Representatives.

a) The Students' Council member of the class is the First Rank holder in the University Examinations/End of Semester Examinations as on date. The criteria for selecting the members are as follows:

  • Pass in all subjects / papers in the first appearance.
  • Highest percentage of marks - in Part III subjects of UG or Main subject of PG course.
  • Satisfactory conduct and character.

In the case of I UG and PG courses, the percentage of marks secured in the qualifying examinations i.e., 12th Standard / UG Degree examinations will be considered.

b) The Class Representative shall be elected by all students of the class concerned from among those who have passed all the papers in the University Examination / End of Semester Examinations as on date. Students with leadership qualities, good communicative skills, service attitude and creative talents, besides academic performance will be encouraged to be elected.

  • The names of members of the Students' Council and Class Representatives will be submitted by the HoD concerned during the beginning of the academic year.
  • Two Senior members of Teaching faculty shall be nominated by the Principal as Staff Advisors and they shall guide the Association activities during the academic year.
  • Any student facing criminal proceedings by the State or disciplinary proceedings by the State or disciplinary proceedings by the College or University is disqualified to participate in the Students' Association of the College.


Department Associations


       Each Department has one association, which functions to inculcate knowledge to the student community by giving them more exposure to the growing knowledge society. The associations are regularly conducting Seminars, Workshops, Guest Lectures and Conferences in the relevant subjects.

(I) Tamil Literary Association
(II) English Literary (A) Association
(III) English Literary (UA) Association.
(IV) Mathematics(A) Association.
(V) Mathematics(UA) Association.
(VI) Physics Association.
(VII) Chemistry (UG) Association.
(VIII) Chemistry (PG) Association.
(IX) Botany Association.
(X) Zoology Association.
(XI) Biochemistry (UG) Association.
(XII) Biotechnology Association.
(XIII) Computer Science (A) Association.
(XIV) Computer Science (UA) Association.
(XV) Computer Application (UG) Association.
(XVI) Computer Science (PG) Association.
(XVII) Computer Technology Association.
(XVIII) Information Technology Association.
(XIX) Business Management with Computer Applications Association.
(XX) Commerce (UG) Association.
(XXI) Commerce (PG)  and Commerce with PA(UG) Association.
(XXII) Commerce with Computer Applications Association.
(XXIII) Costume Design and Fashion Association.
(XXIV) Biochemistry (PG) Association.

The HoD concerned will be the President of the respective Faculty Association. There will be a Student Secretary and Joint Secretary for the Faculty Association nominated by the HoD concerned.