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Job Oriented Courses

S.No Department Name of the Course
1 Physics Electrical Appliances:Maintenance and Servicing
2 Chemistry (PG) Pharamaceutical Chemistry
3 Botany

Floriculture and Landscaping
Food Processing and Preservation

4 Zoology Animal Husbandry
5 Biochemistry (PG)

Bio entrepreneurship
Food safety and Quality control
Clinical and therapeutic nutrition

6 Biotechnology (UG)

Clinical Research and Medical Coding (19UBT0J1)
Agro Industrial biotechnology (21PBT0J2)

7 Biotechnology (PG)

Plant Tissue Culture and Organic Farming (21PB0TJ1)
Herbal Biotechnology (21PBT0J2)

8 Costume Design and Fashion Basics of Cosmetology
Fabric Tie Dyeing
Hand Printing
Jewellery making
Pattern Drafting 
Natural Dyeing 
Fashion Trims
Handmade Paper Making
9 Commerce (UG) Advertising Management
10 Commerce CA Computer Application in Business
Advanced Excel and Tally
11 BBA CA Implementation of GST in TALLY ERP 9 - PRACTICALS
Advanced Excel - PRACTICALS