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Project Fellow

S. No. Name of the Investigator Name of the Fellow Title Funding Agency   Amount sanctioned Rs.
1 Dr. Saravanakumar P.M. Razhad Multiferroic Behaviour of codoped  BiFoo3 thin films (BA, NI, TI) funded by UGC-DAE consortium for scientific research Indore in Physics department CSR – IC / CRS – 97 Major 2,46,600
2 Dr. P. Matheswaran M. Pandian Phase change memory properties of SHI irradiated metal chalcogenide thin films IUAC/XII-7/UFR – 57306 Major 1,93,000
3 Dr. K. Saravanakumar G. Marimuthu Fabrication and Performance Study of Self powered Photodetector towards practical usage Tamilnadu Science and Technology Minor 10,000
4 Dr.P. Matheswaran Karthikeyan M

Electrical switching properties of quaternary chalcogenide

(Ag-Se-Sn-Te) thin films


New Delhi

Minor 14,000
1 S.Paulsamy K. Karthika Evaluation on current availability status and therapeutic properties of wild and in vitroregenerated plants of the traditional medicinal species, Solena amplexicaulis(Lam.) Gandhi. (Cucurbitaceae) UGC, New Delhi Major 7,59,800
2 Dr. K. Thenmozhi - Phytochemical and biological investigations of the two indigenous legumes Cassia obtusa (L.) Roxb. and Bauhinia tomentosa L. with nutraceutical perspectives UGC, New Delhi Major 5,16,200
1 Dr. Kathireswari  - Nanotechnology-related environment, health and safety research: Examining the nanotoxic effects on non-human Biota earthworm for environmental health perspectives DST, New Delhi Major 35,37,270
2 Dr.S.Binu kumari Sruthi gopinathan Mixtures of heavy metal pollution on fresh water fish, Labeo rohita UGC-CSIR Minor 30,000/Month
1 Dr. S. Krishnakumari M. Karthik Exploring the low density polethylen (LDPE) Biodegradation potential of endophytic fungal strains isolated from native plants UGC, New Delhi Major 13,75,800
2 Dr. S. Krishnakumari M. Nagalakshmi Exploring the untapped potential of edible mushroom agrocybe aegerita through silver nanoparticle synthesis and its characterization TNSCST Major 4,15,000
3 Dr. S. Krishnakumari M. Karthik Technology  Dissemination on Spawn Biofabrication and Functional Foods from Minor Millets DST, New Delhi Major 15,15,625
4 Dr. K. Kalaivani R. Venkatesh Antitumor effect of Solanum villosum leaf extract against DEN induced Liver Cancer in rats Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi Major 3,08,000
5 Dr. M. Kalaiselvi M. Vinodhini Induction of Apoptosis in Breast Cancer from Essential oil of citrus limetta Risso through mitochondrial depended pathway DST, New Delhi – SERB Major 22,60,000