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DBT Star College Scheme

Department of Biotechnology

The Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi initiated and launched the 'Star College Scheme' for improving logical, critical and innovative thinking and to improve and inculcate 'hands on' experimental experience with approaches towards technology development needed for biological studies at undergraduate level in life sciences. The scheme paves a way for the improvement of basic sciences and for tackling the new challenges in the field of computational biology among the young minds thereby improving the quality of education in the institution augmented by upgraded and modern equipments and to procure other essentials to enhance the practical skills.


  • To strengthen the academic and physical infrastructure for achieving excellence in teaching and training.
  • To enhance the quality of the learning and teaching process to stimulate original thinking through 'hands-on' exposure to experimental work and participation in summer schools.
  • To provide better library facility to students and teachers
  • To promote networking and strengthen ties with neighbouring institutions and other laboratories.
  • To conduct specialized training programmes for faculty improvement for optimizing technical capabilities
  • To increase capabilities of core instrumentation resources by procuring new equipment and upgrading of existing facilities.
  • To provide access and exposure to students to research laboratories and industries in the country.
  • To help in devising standard curricula and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) / kits for practical’s.

DBT - Star College Scheme @ Kongunadu Arts and Science College

The Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India has sanctioned "Star College Scheme" in 2022 for four undergraduate science departments -        Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics.  These departments involved in the DBT -STAR College programme have been executing the scheme focusing on the targets and objectives for all the Stakeholders.

Salient Features

  • Updated curriculum with adequate emphasis on Practical training.
  • Laboratory infrastructure upgraded to enhance   the individual experimentation  and analytical skill.
  • Laboratory manuals which includes prescribed procedures and etiquette that needs to be followed in a laboratory.
  • Organize capacity building programmes for teaching and non-teaching faculties.
  • Organize Workshops, Hands-on-Training, Industrial training and  Seminars / Conferences for teaching and non teaching staff members.
  • Thematic Extension and Outreach activities to empower the community in the vicinity.
  • Summer training Programmes/ Projects at National Laboratories and industries to conceive viable solution for  local needs.
  • Instill research acumen among UG students to pursue higher studies in the field of Life Science.
  • Promote Entrepreneurship and role ready students.
  • Research projects and collaborative activities to  potential students for  exploring  research in niche areas of national interest.



Dr M. Lekshmanaswamy,


Dr. D. Vijayalakshmi , Assistant Professor in Mathematics

DBT Representatives

Dr Garima Gupta,
Scientist –‘E’,
Programme Head,
Dept. of Biotechnology,
Ministry of Science & Technology,
Government of India, New Delhi.

Dr Abhishek Kumar Mehta,
Scientist –‘C’,
Programme Officer,
Dept. of Biotechnology,
Ministry of Science & Technology,
Government of India, New Delhi.

External Experts

Dr R.Rajendran,
Former Principal & Associate Professor,
Department of Microbiology,
PSG College of Arts and Science

Dr A.K.Vidya
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Biochemistry
Kongu Arts and Science college


Department of Mathematics

  • Dr. V. Kokilavani - Associate  Professor and Head
  • Dr.D.Vijayalakshmi - Assistant Professor (Overall Coordinator)
  • Dr.M.Vigneshwaran - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. M. Venkatachalam - Assistant Professor
  • Dr.L.Vidyarani - Assistant Professor
  • Dr.C.Ravichandran - Assistant Professor (Coordinator)
  • Dr.S.P.R.Priyalatha - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. M. Vivek Prabu - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. P. Sathishmohan - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. N. Mohanapriya- Assistant Professor
  • Dr.E.Prakash - Assistant Professor

Department of Physics

  • Dr. A. Anu Kaliani - Associate Professor and Head
  • Thiru. K. Karuppuswamy - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. B. Chandar Shekar - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. K. Saravanakumar - Assistant Professor
  • Dr.M.Seetha - Assistant Professor(Coordinator)
  • Dr.P.Matheswaran - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. M.Mohamed Ibrahim - Assistant Professor
  • Dr.A.Ranjitha - Assistant Professor
  • Dr.N.Senthil Kumar - Assistant Professor
  • Dr.S.Selvi - Assistant Professor
  • Dr.B.Gokul - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. V. D. Nithya - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. E. M. Koushika - Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

  • Dr. V. Sangeetha - Associate  Professor and Head
  • Dr. M. S. Sivaramkumar - Assistant Professor
  • Dr.R.Manimekalai - Assistant Professor (Coordinator)
  • Dr. K. Saminathan - Assistant Professor
  • Dr.E.Jayanthi - Assistant Professor
  • Dr.K.Krishnaveni - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. K. Chandra Prakash - Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

  • Tmt. A. Manickathai - Associate Professor & Head
  • Thiru. A. Sivabalan - Associate Professor
  • Thiru. U.M. Ravichandran - Associate Professor
  • Dr. A. Kavitha - Assistant Professor
  • Mr. P. Kaliraj - Assistant Professor