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Controller of Examinations - Notice

For the Candidates who have completed the duration of the course and left the College, (went out candidates/private candidates) all information regarding Supplementary Examinations, issue of examination application forms, certificates and application for Graduation day will be available in the college website www.kongunaducollege.ac.in and general notice board of the College. Regular students will however be informed of the examinations by circulation, in addition to the modes mentioned above. No candidate will be individually communicated.

Controller of Examinations - Rules & Regulations

Attendance Rules
  • Absent for one period in any session (forenoon or afternoon) shall be treated as absent for half a day.
  • The monthly statement of attendance will be displayed on the Department Notice Board by the respective departments within the first five working days of the following month.
  • Students should earn a minimum of 75% attendance in the current semester to become eligible to write the End-of-Semester examinations.
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