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IP Policy

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Institution provides for patents as follows

  • Patents: - It shall be competent for the Executive council to take out patents in respect of any discovery or invention made by the teachers or research students of this institution.
  • Right to be in joint name: -The patent shall be taken in the joint names of the institution and the person responsible for the discovery or invention.
  • Expenses of registration: -The expenses in connection with the registration of patents shall be borne by the Institution.
  • Sharing of profits-Any profit accruing from the patent shall be shared equally between the institution and the person responsible for the invention or discovery.
  • Usage of patents: -The person responsible for the invention or discovery shall render free service to the Institution in connection with the exploitation of the patent. The terms on which patents may be offered for exploitation shall be determined solely by the Executive council.

The Institution is obliged to

  • Promote and encourage application oriented scientific research.
  • Make reach of inventions to the common man under institutional supervision.
  • Encourage, assist and provide mutually beneficial rewards to the institution and inventory member.

Institution to secure sponsored research funding at all levels of research

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