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Ownership of Intellectual Property

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  • IP shall be owned by the institute if created as a result of institutional research or created by substantial use of institutional facilities or resources.
  • The Creator at his option may retain ownership when the IP developed without using institutional resources.
  • The institutional faculty and students may publish their research outputs provided that are not copyrightable/patentable intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Rights can be from

  • Assignments undertaken by the institute from external agencies or self made projects.
  • Individual or a team of researchers.

The Institute Shall

  • Educate faculty members, staff and others regarding institutional intellectual property.
  • Provide legal support.
  • Report applicable laws and regulations in a timely manner.

The Creator Shall

  • Disclose the invention in a thorough manner.
  • Provide assistance throughout the period of Intellectual Property Rights procedures

The IPC shall consist of

  • IPR Director appointed by the Secretary, who shall be the head of CIPR.
  • One Intellectual Property Attorney from patent office Chennai suggested by the institution.
  • Technical supporting staff from private agency.
  • The Dean, Faculty of research.
  • Upto three other Professors (relevant field) nominated by the Secretary.
  • The meeting of the IPC shall be convened by the IPC head from time to time.
  • The institution shall provide adequate support and secretarial staff.
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