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  • 2021 - 2022
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1)Event Title:General Quiz 2k20
Event Details:Department Of Commerce

2)Event Title: Webinar on Digital Marketing
Event Details: Mr.Kumareshan,Trainer,JCI,Erode

3)Event Title:Guest lecture on GST and its Implication’s on Business and Trade
Event Details:Mr. Rajesh Kumar Palanisamy, Academic Head, E-Smart Education and Technologies, (Institute of Tally Learning) Coimbatore

4)Event Title:Debate on The Union Budget 2021
Event Details:Dr.S.Uma,Asso prof &Head dept of commerce ,KASC

5)Event Title:Webinar on “Art of Publishing Articles in Research Journals’’
Event Details:Dr.N.Sundram,Professor,Higher Acadamic grade,Dept of commerce,School of social science and languages,VIT

6)Event Title:NDL - Online Quiz
Event Details:Mrs.S.Poorni,Assistant professor,Department of Commerce,KASC

7)Event Title:Motivational speech on startup skill development for girl students
Event Details:Dr.S.Amudha, Assistant professor, Mrs.S.Poorni, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce,KASC

8)Event Title:COVID - 19 Awareness Programme
Event Details:Dr.S.Uma, Asso prof &Head of the Department, Department of Commerce,

9)Event Title:International webinar on innovative practices on commerce and Management
Event Details:Dr Dhanuskodi Rengasamy of Curtin university Malaysia.. Dr S Sivakumar of Hawasa University, Ethiopia ,Dr G Rajini, Professor and Head MBA Integrated VISTAS, VELS Institute of Science, Chennai.


10)Event Title:Advertising, Media & Event Management
Event Details:Workshop - Mr.Ashok Gupta

11)Event Title:Intra Collegiate Meet
Event Details:Department Of Commerce

12)Event Title:State Level Inter Collegiate Quiz Meet
Event Details:Dr. D.Devarajan

13)Event Title:Stock Exchange
Event Details:Guest lecture - Mr. K Thangaraj

14)Event Title:Yoga Awareness Programme
Event Details:Mr. R.Sridhar

15)Event Title:Gist in Commerce
Event Details:Guest lecture - Dr. Rameshwari Ramachandra

16)Event Title:Financial Planning & Share Trading
Event Details:National Level Workshop - Mr. K Thangaraj

17)Event Title:Stalwart in Commerce
Event Details:State level workshop - Mr. A. Sujith

18)Event Title:An Overview of Logistics Management
Event Details:Guest Lecture - Capt.S. Baskaran

19)Event Title:GST Registration Process & Assessment
Event Details:State level workshop -Dr. Alagupandian

20)Event Title:Share Trading
Event Details:Guest Lecture - Mr. Pandian

21)Event Title:Soft Skill Development
Event Details:State level workshop - K.V. Raj & R. Kavirajan

22)Event Title:Fortification of Women in Emerging Business
Event Details:Guest lecture - Dr.N.S Rohini

23)Event Title:Practical Revelation on GST
Event Details:National Level Workshop - Mr. K Thangaraj

24)Event Title:Practical Analysis of Capital Market
Event Details:State level workshop - Mr. Venugopal Rayirath

25)Event Title:Digital India & It’s Transformation
Event Details:National Level Conference - Dr. M. Sumathy & Dr. T.R. Anil Kumar

26)Event Title:Environmental Accounting and Auditing
Event Details:CA. N. Suresh Kumar

27)Event Title:The Ladder to a Successful Business
Event Details:Guest lecture - Mr.S. Sukumar

28)Event Title:Application of Methodology in Business Research
Event Details:One day Workshop - Mr. H.R. Vivek

29)Event Title:Role of Digital Banking in India
Event Details:Guest lecture - Mr.L. Arun Kumar

30)Event Title:Celebration of 125 th year of Swami Vivekanandha’s Chicago Conference
Event Details:

31)Event Title:Accounting skills advancement Progamme
Event Details:One day Workshop -Mr. G. Sudhinder

32)Event Title:Introduction to the International Accounting Standards
Event Details:Guest lecture -Mr.S. Alagupandi

33)Event Title:Changing Contours of Financial System
Event Details:National Level Conference -Dr. A. Vimala & Dr.M. Prakash

34)Event Title:Inter Collegiate Meet
Event Details:Department Of Commerce